Floor Cleaning Services

The condition of your office’s floor plays a big role in creating an impression of your business. Our job is to make sure that your office floor looks squeaky clean all the time so that your employees and customers are healthy and happy there. To do so, we adopt an effective cleaning system which includes innovative products, years of experience, and an advanced cleaning method. Whether you’ve a carpeted floor or hard floor at your office, we’ll make it shine and smell as it is new. We know that a well-maintained floor is very important for your company’s impression and thus we do the cleaning job with full concentration.
We also consider your requirements when it comes to the type of cleanliness you want. For example, some customers prefer a matte finish for their floors while others want them to look shiny. We also consider the budget and then provide the floor cleaning packages accordingly. Also, we want to know about the time period till which you want your commercial floor to be replaced. We understand that the commercial flooring at your office is a big investment and it should be cleaned with proper care.

  1. Carpet Cleaning
    Many cleaning companies just do vacuuming on the carpets but this way only the dirt and debris from the surface is removed. To remove the soiling and dirt from beneath the carpet, we need to go deeper. We use hot water extraction method which cleans the carpet thoroughly and removes all types of stain and dirt from inside. Carpet cleaning also depends on your office requirement and if there is heavy traffic you’ll need the deep carpet cleaning frequently. However, we mostly recommend our customers to have daily vacuuming and deep cleaning on a monthly basis.
  2. Hardwood Floors
    Hardwood floors look beautiful and luxurious but they are expensive too. If you want to protect your hardwood floors, you must trust a reliable commercial floor cleaning company for the cleaning tasks. We analyze the floor type and then use the chemical products accordingly, so that your precious hardwood floor doesn’t gets damaged. Not only we’ll clean the floors, but also seal the floors with conditioning products so that their beauty is restored.
  3. Tile and Grout
    Tile and grout are harder to clean but we have got them covered too. Tile and grout can get stained and they also go through build-up, but we can easily remove these stains and build-up using powerful solutions and tools. Tile and grout are actually easy for us to clean because we use the right products and equipment. After we have cleaned the tile and grout thoroughly, we’ll make sure that the appearance is maintained all the time.
  4. Laminate
    Laminate is an affordable flooring option and it is durable too. If you have this at your office, worry not because we’ll care for it in the best way. We’ll determine the particular grade of the laminate and use the products accordingly so that any type of damage is avoided.