Office Cleaning Services

We can perform virtually every cleaning service you need. We have created a few cleaning packages to make it easy, but are always willing to create a customize service to meet your needs. We specialize in internal office cleaning of interior and exterior surfaces. We have a fleet of 11 different cleaning teams at our disposal and conduct most cleaning Monday – Sunday, 9am – 5pm. We can accommodate special schedules in certain cases.

Standard Cleaning
Our standard cleaning covers all exterior surfaces. Desks, cabinets, chairs, floors, table tops, glass walls and phones are all cleaned under this standard package. We will vacuum floors and mop hard floors. This offering is pretty much the same across most cleaning services.

Standard + Detailed Cleaning
This includes all cleaning services in the standard cleaning package (exterior surfaces) + a deeper interior surface cleaning. This package includes opening of drawers, lifting up contents and cleaning interior surfaces. This package will leave your office spotless inside and out.

Carpet Steam Cleaning
We offer carpet steam cleaning and can schedule on the same day as other cleaning services. Please provide prior notice if you need carpet cleaning.

Window Cleaning
We clean the inside of windows and have the ability to clean the outside of windows as well. The only limitation we have is that we can’t clean the outside of windows that are higher than the second floor.